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Salvage trucks with Salisbury Salvage!

Our truck salvage service and junk yards offer a way to offload an unwanted truck (for cash!), or purchase the parts you need. We are a junk truck buyer. Experienced Junk truck dealers like Salisbury Salvage treat used auto parts carefully so they are in the optimum condition for sale!

Our auto salvage business - cars and trucks - started in 1972! A local option that you can depend on!

In addition to covering all aspects of auto salvage, this junk yard has expanded its recycling capability to accommodate customers selling scrap metal. We buy scrap metal, including aluminum, copper, brass, steel and light iron.

And we have our own trucks if yours needs a lift!

Like-New Tires! - We also have hundreds of nearly-new tires in stock in our showroom in Salisbury. Come to our auto salvage yard in person to look over our ever-changing inventory.

Special! - Sell your battery to Salisbury Salvage 
We pay cash for your used batteries. Call for current offer please.